“Professional coaching sessions with Heather helped me develop a system of identifying the areas where my practice was best positioned to grow in a constantly-changing legal market and encouraged me to develop daily habits to ensure that I am fully up-to-date and aware of my productivity and, as a result, my profitability. She provided a significant amount of industry insight and forced me to confront and re-evaluate long-standing beliefs I held about the practice of law. This approach helped me appreciate the personal and professional strengths that form the backbone of my legal career while also identifying weaknesses and addressing them with strategic planning and clear short, medium and long-term goal setting.”
Adam Tracey, Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP
“Heather is a very intelligent, strategic and driven professional who I had the great opportunity to work with while managing the public relations efforts of one the country’s largest law firms. Heather has an exceptionally strong marketing background, but also has an eye for a great news story, understands what a thought-leadership PR program is all about, and proactively moves opportunities forward with a solid understanding of the dynamic nature of the news cycle. Heather is a great team player – she always worked in collaboration with our agency with an eye on the common goal. She is a great strategist and a pleasure to work with.”
Tricia Weagant, Ketchum Public Relations
“I have worked with a number of Business Development professionals in my 26 years of practice, but never have I come across anyone as able to lead an initiative and guide lawyers and other professionals to achieve well thought out and concrete goals as Heather…Heather is an expert at creating order, strategy and process where it did not entirely exist before. She then works exceedingly well with individuals and teams in order to move projects forward. She is fearless, determined and capable. She communicates clearly and precisely.”
Peter Pamel, Partner and former National Focus Group Leader, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Montreal)
“Heather has been providing guidance for me in the development and marketing of my company for several years. It has required an innovative approach because Geriatric Care Management and Consulting is a new service to the marketplace and people are unfamiliar with its value and not accustomed to paying for it.

Heather has been invaluable in helping me to define my target market and develop strategies to reach the people who are potential clients. She has helped me to define a short and long term business plan and identify blocks that might impede the success of that plan. She is able to conceptualize the needs of my business and help me to understand key concepts in marketing and business planning.

Heather has been an extremely valuable resource. She has a warmth, sensitivity, generosity of spirit and insight that has made her easy to work with and makes me feel that she truly cares about my business. Working with Heather I have the feeling I have someone on my team who “has my back.” ”

Peter Silin, MSW, RSW, CCC, Certified Financial Planning Professional
“Through my coaching work with Heather I have been able to create a strategic plan that focuses my efforts towards developing my ideal business. She is incredibly suited to strategic planning and her expertise in marketing has been invaluable. The change to my practice is financially rewarding, and I am able to focus on doing what I love every day. ”
Jennie Weeks, Certified Financial Planning Professional
“Heather understands what lawyers do, how they can add value in what they do for their clients, the pressures they work under and the increasingly difficult business environment in which they must operate…She is that very rare person who can not only develop an effective business plan, but can also execute against it, and stay on budget and then meet the goals and the deadlines that have been set…she is creative, bright, focussed, organized, determined and knows how to interact with busy professionals and to get the best out of them. She is a fantastic coach.”
Norm Letalik, Managing Director of Professional Excellence, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Toronto)
I’ve known Heather for over 15 years, and she knows the business of law more than anyone else I’ve ever known. An expert, a trusted resource, a leader in the field—those are the easy descriptors of Heather’s experience. But for my team at Clio, we saw the depth of Heather’s knowledge…it changed our way of thinking. Within 24 hours of hearing what Heather had to say, we made changes that impacted how our customers see our product. And that means we can meet their demands right now. And going forward!
Tim Travis, Communications Director, Clio
“I found our coaching sessions incredibly helpful. They were very calm and quiet, but that doesn’t mean they were uneventful. In fact, the silences settled me down and got me to a deeper place from where I could have realizations.”
Maureen Deleon, Business Operator (California)
“I received Heather’s coaching services during my time working at one of Canada’s largest full-service law firms. My objective with Heather was to improve my work management skills and to establish the balance between work and life that I wanted. During the course of my time with Heather, she taught me work-life principles and processes that are, to this day, effective and invaluable. Not only did Heather impart to me practical advice and strategies, but she also kept me accountable to myself and my own goals, while also being incredibly supportive and heavily involved in the process. Ultimately, Heather is a person who truly and deeply cares for each person she invests her time in, and for her to have been my coach during this period of time in my life was a true blessing. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in sharpening their work-life management skills to get Heather as their coach. I’m not sure if you’ll find anyone
who has a bigger heart, a sharper mind, and a deeper passion to help you find direction and happiness in the workplace.”
Mark Leung Former Law Firm Associate (Vancouver), currently Co-Founder and General Counsel of STUCK
“Heather’s coaching has helped me a great deal both personally and professionally. She taught me how to set out clear goals for myself and ways to achieve them in order to get ahead and feel more confident in my career. In addition, she helped me to realise the things that are truly important to me in my personal life, so that I may achieve full work-life balance. Heather is extremely intuitive and always gets to the root of the problem in her coaching sessions. I have recommended her coaching services to other professionals and will continue to do so because I experienced first-hand results and feel very fortunate to have been given this experience.”
Nicole Partipilo, Business Development Assistant (Vancouver)
“Heather clearly understands the current, fast changing legal economy and how to develop business in it…Heather is disciplined, practical, businesslike, timely and prepared. She is creative and innovative, willing to be unconventional…”
Stephen Antle, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Vancouver)
“I met Heather at a critical juncture in my career, and she provided me invaluable guidance that has helped to reshape my approach to work and life outside of work. I’m benefiting today, personally and professionally, from Heather’s coaching.”
Evan Cooke, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (Vancouver)
We retained Heather to facilitate a goal setting and strategic planning session with our firm. We were extremely impressed with the entire experience. Heather is a solution driven facilitator with valuable experience in the legal world. She worked to help us crystalize the core values of our firm while setting tangible goals and a concrete action plan. She was a thoughtful, insightful, and steady architect throughout the process. We would recommend Heather to any law firm looking to improve their business model, marketing plan, or internal processes.
Michael Elliott, Partner, Javis McGee Rice
I received Heather’s coaching after facing new opportunities that required strong work management skills, strategic direction and an effective business plan.

Through Heather’s thoughtful guidance and support, I was able to deliver a business plan that sharpens the focus needed to achieve each step, on time and on budget. Heather has a deep understanding of the legal industry and the professional skills needed in order to be an invaluable member of any law firm. I would not hesitate to use her coaching services again in the future.

Manager, Legal Information Services, Vancouver
“Manthorpe Law Offices hired Heather in 2014 to work with the firm to develop a detailed strategic plan for growth and marketing.

Heather jumped in like she was a member of our team and took a sincere interest in the success of the firm’s goals. She kept us on task and accountable for our role in the development of our business and marketing plan.

I am very happy to say that we have executed our strategy and marketing plan and we could not have done it without Heather’s expertise and hard work.

I would recommend Heather to any company that is in need of assistance with a strategic business and/or marketing plan.
Lastly, Heather did a great job when asked to help coach key staff members to help optimize their skills and contribution to the firm.”

I recently had the good fortune to work with Heather Gray-Grant as my retirement coach. I had been tied up in knots about the “when” and “how” and in short order Heather had me straightened out. What a relief!

Heather led me through several useful exercises that I will continue to use to plot a constructive path through the months and years to come. We prioritized, kicked around ideas and looked into what would make a productive and satisfying retirement life. Heather was supportive and encouraging, offering great examples and stories, but always leaving the work and decisions up to me!

As a result, I am looking forward to transitioning out of working life with direction, in a productive way with tools that will stay with me in the years to come.

D. Rogers
I began working with Heather nine months ago to deal with a law firm purchase that went sideways. She worked closely with me to guide me through problem solving and strategy. It was a process that’s taken me through some difficult life-lessons. But it was such a relief to have someone to support me throughout the process: from helping me to generate ideas, and then develop and keep to a schedule of actions. Ultimately, she guided me toward an ideal solution. I can’t imaging having to have done this alone. JF