Change can happen from within a firm; but sometimes it’s easier (and potentially faster) to have change suggested and initiated from outside of a firm.

A good portion of my work with firms involves making in-house presentations, facilitating or speaking at retreats, and providing on-going marketing-related training programs.  This allows a firm to move into implementation without a project being too closely associated with any particular lawyer.


I have considerable experience in providing presentations to partners, all lawyers or all lawyers and staff on key areas for firms.  Examples include presentations on the results of a strategic planning process, or on a new brand.


I have coordinated, facilitated and spoken at numerous retreats for large national, mid-sized regional and smaller community-based law firms.  This includes serving as a facilitator through sessions involving strategy or significant change.  Presentations and workshops have included subjects such as client service, practice management, business development, team work, etc.

Training Programs

I have developed and implemented a number of marketing training programs for firms, including individuals training sessions (i.e. social media, creating a business plan) to training programs that involve an annual series of sessions on a variety of topics, for lawyers and on occasion, for staff as well.