The Cost of Doing (Marketing) Business as Usual

Most businesses – especially law firms – must market to some degree.  And they do.  They have a website. They print business cards.  They make sure the logo is used on tombstone ads and sponsorship programs.  Law firms do spend some money on marketing, and some of their lawyers even spend time on marketing – [...]

Just Tell Me How to Market My Firm!

I often get asked “what kind of marketing should we do?” Or I’m asked to “just provide us with a bunch of great marketing ideas”.  No time spent determining what the firm wants to look like in the future.  No proper assessment of where they are today.  No indication of what success would look like.  [...]

Why Can’t You Just Design the Darn Ad?!

I’ve seen lawyers lose patience when they’ve asked a credible, professional design firm to do a task (design an ad or brochure) and the design firm commences with a questions process. “Can’t they just design the darn ad?!” I’ve been asked. It’s doubtful a lawyer would visit their doctor and expect to get an appropriate treatment [...]

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