Is it Ever Really Just Lunch?

If you aren’t preparing for every interaction with a client or prospect, you may be wasting your time and theirs.  Here’s some food for thought on lunches and other planned client interactions.  Lawyers who “do lunch” do so because it seems like part of a healthy marketing strategy.  And it is.  But just showing up [...]

How to Have Those Difficult Client Conversations

In every business relationship there will be moments of miscommunication, misunderstanding or good old-fashioned error. In a lawyer/client relationship, these awkward moments can also result from a difference of opinion over objectives, timing, cost or methodology.  These moments are inevitable, but how we deal with them often defines the future of that relationship. As a [...]

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Just Tell Me How to Market My Firm!

I often get asked “what kind of marketing should we do?” Or I’m asked to “just provide us with a bunch of great marketing ideas”.  No time spent determining what the firm wants to look like in the future.  No proper assessment of where they are today.  No indication of what success would look like.  [...]

What’s the Value of a Client Team?

Client teams may be one of the most powerful business development tools at your disposal, but are an oxymoron to most lawyers. As a profession, lawyers aren’t usually known for being team players.  By nature, they are individual thinkers and doers.  They like their autonomy, and tend to feel that too many rules restrict their [...]

Selling Lessons from a StartUp

I’ve been blog- silent for a month, but not idle.  Frankly, work has kept me pretty busy, which is a very good thing when you’re a consultant.  But that’s hasn’t meant I could be lazy about business development, so I’ve been equally busy making pitches to various potential clients.  Pitching is a part of the [...]

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The Bar Is Low: Use it to Your Advantage

In professional services today, the bar for client and target interaction is so incredibly low it’s hard not to trip over it.  On the bright side, this provides huge opportunity for those who get it right. As a business person, strategist, marketer, coach and consultant, I am shocked at how low the client service bar [...]

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Client attrition – What’s Normal (and What’s a Red Flag?)

Professional services firms work hard at landing new clients and maintaining good relationships with existing ones; in part because client attrition is a reality of business. For some organizations, concern about the internal ramifications of client churn causes them to work hard at ignoring attrition.   They know it happens but they try not to dwell [...]

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