How Old Belief Systems Can Cripple a Career

Precedent figures heavily in most law practices, so it’s understandable that lawyers would rely on past experiences and belief systems in the running of their lives as well.  Life experience can create wisdom.  It can also lead to our greatest weak spots.  In over twenty years of coaching lawyers, my primary goal has been to [...]

How to Support a Lateral

Laterals can be a wonderful addition to a law firm. They can also be an incredibly expensive drain – financially, in terms of resources and with respect to morale.  Here’s how to ensure your lateral hires can help rather than hurt your firm. It’s said that laterals have around a 70% chance of surviving in [...]

How to Support Your Associates in Marketing

Most firms are under-utilizing one of the most effective marketing tools of their future: their Associates.  This results in increased pressure on the rest of the firm to build business and may potentially jeopardize a firm’s stability in the future.  Law firms need Associates to step up and market, for everyone’s sake.   To steal from [...]

How to Hold Onto Your Lawyers

Years ago, when lawyer attrition started to reach alarming rates (which for some reason we are more complacent about now), Catalyst in the US conducted research to determine why so many female lawyers were leaving the profession.  Not that only female lawyers were leaving; that was simply the focus of their research. They found that [...]

Akrasia: The Silent Killer of Success

Many lawyers don’t have a productivity problem, they have a discipline problem. Here’s how to overcome it. Ancient Greek philosophers focussed on understanding how the mind and body works developed special words to describe unique human states.   For example, the word “Akrasia” refers to the state of knowingly acting against one’s best interests. It’s that [...]

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Dealing with Under-performing Partners

Very few partnerships are operating at full throttle.  Most have a lawyer or two who are performing under expectations.  This blog offers suggestions for fixing this issue. There are many possible reasons for declining productivity: An area of law may become commoditized, often resulting from excessive competition; A lawyer may let too much time go [...]

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How to Stop Good People From Leaving

It doesn’t matter how much money the professions spend on programs to keep their people – good people are still leaving in droves.  We need a change of strategy. Professional services attrition rates are atrocious, in two ways.  First, far too many professionals leave a firm before or in the early stages of partnership.  For [...]