Law Firms and the Business Theory of S-itification

I recently heard about this theory from the tech world, but I think it has relevance in the legal environment, as well. When a business first starts, it aims to produce a product or service that its members can feel good about.  They want to be proud of what they have created, and the service [...]

How Do We Stop the Associate Churn?

(This article first appeared in SLAW).  The other day, an international client of mine thinking about re-entering the Canadian marketplace asked me why there was so little loyalty in Canadian law firms these days.  He was referring to the amount of lawyer churn in most law firms.  I don’t believe this issue is limited to [...]

Don’t Alienate Your Firm with Your Decisions

I’m concerned that some people might not truly understand the ultimate impact of the Roe vs. Wade reversal by the US Supreme Court – regardless of where you live.   Like the potential alienation of 51% of the population who – let’s face it – only became “persons” within the past century and are now already [...]

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The Real Role of a Managing Partner

The other day, I was listening to a Freakanomics podcast featuring an interview with Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.  Like or hate Microsoft, they are a heck of an enduring business success. So, when their CEO of the past nine years shares his beliefs about running a business, I listen. The bulk of the interview was [...]

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Leadership Advice for Lawyers

(This article was first published in SLAW last year) Based on a SLAW post I wrote in 2017, I was recently asked to speak at a conference for women lawyers on leadership.   The article focussed on how to effectively lead practice groups and client teams.  The date of the original article serves as evidence that [...]

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Three Ways to Run a Law Firm

I was recently asked how a law firm management philosophy relates to the strategic planning process.  It was a great question, because how we manage a firm (or plan to manage a firm) must either be aligned with firm culture, or set out to consciously adjust firm culture.  So how we plan sets the tone [...]

What Law Firms Should Be Focusing On in 2021

(This article first appeared in SLAW.  While it's no longer a "first of the year" piece, it still have value for those firms wondering if the pandemic will ever end, what business will look like on the other side, and whether they should be doing things differently now).  Despite hiccups on vaccine receipt and distribution, [...]

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