Do You Need Retirement Coaching?

A growing portion of my coaching business has been to help lawyers and law firm senior support staff to plan for their retirement. Traditionally, we’ve gone to accountants to help us plan for retirement because we’ve primarily been concerned about ensuring that once we stop collecting a regular pay cheque, we have enough money to [...]

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How to Support a Lateral

Laterals can be a wonderful addition to a law firm. They can also be an incredibly expensive drain – financially, in terms of resources and with respect to morale.  Here’s how to ensure your lateral hires can help rather than hurt your firm. It’s said that laterals have around a 70% chance of surviving in [...]

Planning for Succession: Part One

Over half of my clients are focused on how to survive the transition from a first to a second-generation law firm. This is a critical and difficult business subject to deal with so I will explain the issue and its solutions over two postings. In this first one, I’ll seek to broaden your perspective of [...]

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Why Do We Need Succession Planning?

For some lawyers – especially those with 30+ years of practice under their belt - succession sounds like business speak for “force me out”. And as the senior lawyers in a firm usually wield power, either because they are rainmakers or sit on the executive, they can keep succession off of the agenda until their [...]

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Succession Strategies for All Sizes

Firms are filled with people so passionate about their profession that their sense of self is founded in their careers. So the last thing they want to think about is leaving their profession.  Yet unless they give their eventual departure some strategic thought, they could be orchestrating a disastrous crescendo to their own career. Many [...]