What Lawyers Can Learn from the Blue Angels

Currently, Prime is running a documentary on this famous flight demonstration team from the US Navy and Marine Corps.  You might have seen them (or their Canadian counterparts, the Snowbirds) perform at an airshow.  The documentary highlights the selection process, training, and performance pace of the team over a one-year period. Around the same time [...]

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My Top Two Business Tips for 2024

When I give presentations, I’m often asked “what is the biggest contributor to a law firm’s business success?”  There are so many possible answers to that question, but I know those who know me would guess I would say “planning”.  Yes, I do heavily endorse personal and business planning.  But that wouldn’t be my answer.  [...]

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How Do We Stop the Associate Churn?

(This article first appeared in SLAW).  The other day, an international client of mine thinking about re-entering the Canadian marketplace asked me why there was so little loyalty in Canadian law firms these days.  He was referring to the amount of lawyer churn in most law firms.  I don’t believe this issue is limited to [...]

It’s Time to Create Your 2024 Personal Plan

Typically, lawyers work from 40 – 80 hours per week.  If they are able to bill out 2/3rds of that time, they are lucky (or organized).  But it could be better.  The difference between billed work and the rest of that time is often wasted or at least under-utilized time.  That’s because most lawyers don’t [...]

Three Ways to Run a Law Firm

I was recently asked how a law firm management philosophy relates to the strategic planning process.  It was a great question, because how we manage a firm (or plan to manage a firm) must either be aligned with firm culture, or set out to consciously adjust firm culture.  So how we plan sets the tone [...]

Is Remote Work a Thing Now?

(This article first appeared in SLAW, earlier this year) My son recently announced that the small law firm website design company he works for will be giving up their trendy office space in Vancouver’s Gas Town and permanently moving to a remote work environment.  He was ecstatic, as he LOVES working from home.  But my [...]

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Shaping Your Firm by its Future Inhabitants

In my last post, I talked about predicting our shifting client base.  Today I’m going to touch on the shifting demographics of our talent pool – lawyers and staff. I’ve been researching demographic shifts in the US for a client, and came up with some surprising statistics.  For example: For the next 20 years in [...]

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