Three Ways to Run a Law Firm

I was recently asked how a law firm management philosophy relates to the strategic planning process.  It was a great question, because how we manage a firm (or plan to manage a firm) must either be aligned with firm culture, or set out to consciously adjust firm culture.  So how we plan sets the tone [...]

Why Mentoring Programs Fail (and How to Fix Them)

(This article first appeared in SLAW).  Most law firms intuitively understand the value of mentoring.  Unfortunately, that rarely translates into a successful mentoring program.  Here’s what’s wrong with them, and how to fix them. There are so many skills a young lawyer needs to develop in their formational years, and so little time in which [...]

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Dealing with Partner “Contrarians”

I’m ending my posts of the year with a difficult subject…individuals within a Partnership who consistently seem to be in opposition with the rest of the Partnership.  It's one of those areas of challenge that Partnerships are very good at ignoring, but ultimately to their peril. That vast majority of Partnerships function quite well.  This [...]

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What’s the Difference between Marketing and Sales?

Many firms include a marketing section in their plan and budget. But what they really mean is marketing and business development (or sales). They are two different functions, and if you don’t understand the difference, you might not be getting the results you would like from your marketing initiatives. So before you determine your marketing [...]

Leadership Styles for Practice Group/Client Team Leaders

Law firm marketers have been fundamental to the establishment and management of many law firm practice groups and client teams in North American law firms. Critical to the success of these efforts has been the ability to help train team members in their respective roles. Toward the end of my time in-house, I conducted research [...]

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