Is it Ever Really Just Lunch?

If you aren’t preparing for every interaction with a client or prospect, you may be wasting your time and theirs.  Here’s some food for thought on lunches and other planned client interactions.  Lawyers who “do lunch” do so because it seems like part of a healthy marketing strategy.  And it is.  But just showing up [...]

The Cost of Doing (Marketing) Business as Usual

Most businesses – especially law firms – must market to some degree.  And they do.  They have a website. They print business cards.  They make sure the logo is used on tombstone ads and sponsorship programs.  Law firms do spend some money on marketing, and some of their lawyers even spend time on marketing – [...]

Keeping it Going When the Coaching Stops

In 18 years of coaching I've seen clients shift into more productive and happier lawyers.  I've also seen a few clients who reverted back to pre-coaching habits over time.  I get it.  At some point in our lives, we’ve all been committed to changing our behaviours in some way. We might start out strong, but with [...]

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How to Get Happy and Improve Business

When a colleague tells you to put on your business face before a meeting, I doubt they mean for you to smile broadly. Yet at least one author is suggesting that in business (and other parts of your life), you’ll be more successful with a smile than a grimace. Neil Pasricha is probably most known [...]

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Coaching: Creating Colour

What does a musical suite have to do with coaching?  As the Beattles would say, it's all about a little help from your friends.  My clients are very capable and intelligent lawyers, so they don’t engage me because they are unable to run a business. They simply want their efforts to result in a better business. [...]

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Willpower and Success

One wouldn’t think that accomplished professionals lack willpower or discipline. But shockingly, many do. My next few blogs will focus on these obstacles, and how to overcome them. In my executive coaching practice I work with extremely intelligent individuals who have a difficult time with self-discipline. In the book, “Willpower”, by Roy Baumeister and John [...]

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What Does it Take to be Successful?

Professionals must  be in the  top 10% of the intelligence level in this country; so why are so many under-satisfied with their career?  The answer is easy: getting to it is the hard part. In my coaching practice, I work with type “A” personalities.  There’s almost nothing my clients can’t do. They are smart, hard [...]

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