Willpower and Success

One wouldn’t think that accomplished professionals lack willpower or discipline. But shockingly, many do. My next few blogs will focus on these obstacles, and how to overcome them. In my executive coaching practice I work with extremely intelligent individuals who have a difficult time with self-discipline. In the book, “Willpower”, by Roy Baumeister and John [...]

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What Does it Take to be Successful?

Professionals must  be in the  top 10% of the intelligence level in this country; so why are so many under-satisfied with their career?  The answer is easy: getting to it is the hard part. In my coaching practice, I work with type “A” personalities.  There’s almost nothing my clients can’t do. They are smart, hard [...]

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What Motivates Us

One of the secrets to helping clients achieve successful outcomes through the business planning or coaching process is to support them in understanding their motivators.  These motivators aren’t always what you think they might be.  For example, it isn’t always money, prestige or amassing things that holds the key to our passion to achieve.  Sometimes, [...]

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The Science of Change

Here’s a secret about coaching:  it is both an art and a science and the science side of it is based in large part on NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As you are probably aware, coaching is about growth and development, and that generally means change.  If it feels challenging to break an ingrained habit, that’s [...]

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Keeping the Balance

Coaching concepts for professionals can come from anywhere and for me, such ideas are frequent inspired by articles or tidbits I read in publications like the Harvard Business Review.  For example, in the side bar of a page of a recent edition I found a small article on the importance of sleep to our focus [...]

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Dealing with Under-performing Partners

Very few partnerships are operating at full throttle.  Most have a lawyer or two who are performing under expectations.  This blog offers suggestions for fixing this issue. There are many possible reasons for declining productivity: An area of law may become commoditized, often resulting from excessive competition; A lawyer may let too much time go [...]

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How to Stop Good People From Leaving

It doesn’t matter how much money the professions spend on programs to keep their people – good people are still leaving in droves.  We need a change of strategy. Professional services attrition rates are atrocious, in two ways.  First, far too many professionals leave a firm before or in the early stages of partnership.  For [...]

Stop Bleeding Laterals

Lawyer attrition is a reality of our industry.  Unfortunately, so is a significant lateral hire failure rate.  It doesn’t need to be.  There are simply, effective ways to protect your investment. A 2013 American Lawyer/LexisNexis survey found that over 70% of respondents identified lateral hires as part of their talent management strategy over the coming [...]

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The Magic of the “Mentors’ Corner”

At this time of year, many of us resolve to make improvements in our life by doing things differently.  But determining what actions to take and having the resolve to stick with those actions can be challenging.   A coaching tool called “the Mentors’ Corner” can help. People hate change, even when we know it’s good for [...]

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My Year In Review

I thought I’d start the New Year with a case study and lessons learned.  Those who have followed this blog had read countless articles here on the importance of strategic planning, strong implementation, results reporting and analysis.  Some readers might not be aware of this but 2014 was actually the first year of my consulting [...]

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