The Value of Planning

“Planning” is not a dirty word. In fact it’s liberating, hopeful, positive and action-oriented.  If your firm doesn’t have a carefully considered, documented plan for 2016, you need to read this post. My purpose is to help professional services firms do better. So you’d think that occasionally, my job would entail improving their existing business [...]

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Lessons from a High School Debating Championship

Professionals might not think that high school debaters could teach them anything, but parents know that often, some of our greatest lessons can come from those much younger than us. This past weekend I served as a judge for the Provincial High School Debating Championship, called the Law Foundation Cup.  Stakes were high as the [...]

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Succession Strategies for All Sizes

Firms are filled with people so passionate about their profession that their sense of self is founded in their careers. So the last thing they want to think about is leaving their profession.  Yet unless they give their eventual departure some strategic thought, they could be orchestrating a disastrous crescendo to their own career. Many [...]

Falling in Love Again

Business success requires evolution, and that means new strategic and marketing programs. This can be difficult to roll out in firms at the best of times – but it’s almost impossible when the first attempt was a failure. Professional services organizations exist for the delivery of a service to clients and a living to professionals.   [...]

Law Firm Trends and Marketing Reactions

Scanning all of the “Law Firm Trends of 2013” articles from the likes of Lawyers Weekly, The Edge Group International, Hildebrandt, Altman Weil and assorted other experts, here is my take on four trends and their marketing ramifications. Legal Outsourcing: India is still alive and kicking and filled with good first world-trained lawyers perfectly capable [...]

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Why Are We REALLY in the Business of Law?

The first question in a strategic marketing plan is always the same:  what is your purpose?  From there, we essentially determine how to fulfil that purpose in a way that demonstrates positive differentiation in the eyes of target clients. Within the free world, “purpose” is clearly a desired understanding.  Amazon has over 53,000 books under [...]

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