Akrasia: The Silent Killer of Success

Many lawyers don’t have a productivity problem, they have a discipline problem. Here’s how to overcome it. Ancient Greek philosophers focussed on understanding how the mind and body works developed special words to describe unique human states.   For example, the word “Akrasia” refers to the state of knowingly acting against one’s best interests. It’s that [...]

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Dealing with Under-performing Partners

Very few partnerships are operating at full throttle.  Most have a lawyer or two who are performing under expectations.  This blog offers suggestions for fixing this issue. There are many possible reasons for declining productivity: An area of law may become commoditized, often resulting from excessive competition; A lawyer may let too much time go [...]

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How to Stop Good People From Leaving

It doesn’t matter how much money the professions spend on programs to keep their people – good people are still leaving in droves.  We need a change of strategy. Professional services attrition rates are atrocious, in two ways.  First, far too many professionals leave a firm before or in the early stages of partnership.  For [...]

Re-inventing Yourself

We know in our gut when we need to make a change; but we don’t always have the guts to make that change.  This post offers words of advice for those who need to embrace change. A large component of my executive coaching practice is working with highly intelligent, capable professionals on identifying and overcoming [...]

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My Year In Review

I thought I’d start the New Year with a case study and lessons learned.  Those who have followed this blog had read countless articles here on the importance of strategic planning, strong implementation, results reporting and analysis.  Some readers might not be aware of this but 2014 was actually the first year of my consulting [...]

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Be the Stone

My last post of the year focuses on how to feel greater personal accomplishment in a way that can also profoundly and positively affect the life of everyone around you. We consider success the achievement of certain goals.  Those goals vary, but society tends to assess our success based on financial goals.  These are gauged [...]

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Succession Strategies for All Sizes

Firms are filled with people so passionate about their profession that their sense of self is founded in their careers. So the last thing they want to think about is leaving their profession.  Yet unless they give their eventual departure some strategic thought, they could be orchestrating a disastrous crescendo to their own career. Many [...]

When (and How) Should a Business Professional Start to Market?

Ideally, once a business professional joins a firm they would have a few years to get the ground under their feet, learn the profession from the basics up, and be gently introduced into the skills of business development. In reality, that seldom happens. Professionals are almost immediately expected to build and exhibit marketing skills and [...]

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