What’s the Value of a Client Team?

Client teams may be one of the most powerful business development tools at your disposal, but are an oxymoron to most lawyers. As a profession, lawyers aren’t usually known for being team players.  By nature, they are individual thinkers and doers.  They like their autonomy, and tend to feel that too many rules restrict their [...]

Is Your Culture Slowly Killing Your Firm?

The purpose of any business is to be profitable, and provide conditions for a satisfying work experience for those who work there. The collective intelligence within a law firm should make these goals a slam dunk; unfortunately, in many ways the culture of the typical law firm works against its financial success. See if any [...]

The Importance of Scaffolding

We think of scaffolds as a construction tool, but scaffolding is equally important in business. This post defines business scaffolding and promotes its use as a critical business tool. When I was in Hong Kong several years ago I marvelled at the common use of bamboo for scaffolding – even for ten-story buildings. This went [...]

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How to Stop Good People From Leaving

It doesn’t matter how much money the professions spend on programs to keep their people – good people are still leaving in droves.  We need a change of strategy. Professional services attrition rates are atrocious, in two ways.  First, far too many professionals leave a firm before or in the early stages of partnership.  For [...]

Balancing Calculation and Serendipity

The book, “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clayton Christensen is filled with valuable life and business lessons.  The one I’ll focus on today is the difference between deliberate and emergent strategies, and how they can ideally come into play in a firm. Christensen illustrates this point by summarizing Honda’s entry into the North [...]

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Falling in Love Again

Business success requires evolution, and that means new strategic and marketing programs. This can be difficult to roll out in firms at the best of times – but it’s almost impossible when the first attempt was a failure. Professional services organizations exist for the delivery of a service to clients and a living to professionals.   [...]

The Planning Hierarchy

I write (and preach) frequently about the value of different kinds of plans that would benefit professional service firms. This post will focus on how all of those plans would ideally work together. You’ve probably heard of “top-down” planning, as well as “bottom-up” planning. Each is a valid approach but the best firm planning includes [...]

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