How to Win the War on Talent

In the Art of Leadership Conference in Vancouver this past September, a number of speakers referenced how the fight to attract and retain employees will be the biggest challenge for employers in the coming ten years. Virginia Brailey, ADP Canada VP of Marketing and Strategy, suggested that this is the beginning of a profound talent [...]

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The Move to Visuals (and Why You Should Care)

Social Media Camp is the national conference on social media that attracts international speakers and attendees. At this year’s event, virtually all presenters agreed that images and video are taking over the internet. What do they mean by this?   Consider the following: YouTube is now the second largest search engine - just behind Google [...]

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Coaching: Creating Colour

What does a musical suite have to do with coaching?  As the Beattles would say, it's all about a little help from your friends.  My clients are very capable and intelligent lawyers, so they don’t engage me because they are unable to run a business. They simply want their efforts to result in a better business. [...]

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