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Leadership Advice for Lawyers

(This article was first published in SLAW last year) Based on a SLAW post I wrote in 2017, I was recently asked to speak at a conference for women lawyers on leadership.   The article focussed on how to effectively lead practice groups and client teams.  The date of the original article serves as evidence that [...]

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Preparing For Partnership

I’ve received several requests to outline a good pathway to Partnership.  (I’m referring here to Equity Partner).  A pathway is critical because there are a lot of lawyers (and owners) set to retire in the coming ten years.  Properly preparing for Partnership and being prepared to run what is often a multi million-dollar business was [...]

Listening to the Client

In over 30 years of working with law firms on improving productivity and profitability, I’ve seen countless marketplace surveys on the incredible value of client feedback mechanisms.  In many instances it’s been labelled as one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost firm revenue.  So, you’d think that law firms would be all [...]

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Three Ways to Run a Law Firm

I was recently asked how a law firm management philosophy relates to the strategic planning process.  It was a great question, because how we manage a firm (or plan to manage a firm) must either be aligned with firm culture, or set out to consciously adjust firm culture.  So how we plan sets the tone [...]

Is Remote Work a Thing Now?

(This article first appeared in SLAW, earlier this year) My son recently announced that the small law firm website design company he works for will be giving up their trendy office space in Vancouver’s Gas Town and permanently moving to a remote work environment.  He was ecstatic, as he LOVES working from home.  But my [...]

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An Ode to Professional Management Staff

I’ve written about this in the past but it merits repeating.  As you critique your past year and prepare to make plans for the year coming, consider one of the best ways to improve your efficiency and promote productivity in the firm.  Professional legal managers (office manager or COO, Accounting Manager, Marketing Manger, HR Manager, [...]

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Shaping Your Firm by its Future Inhabitants

In my last post, I talked about predicting our shifting client base.  Today I’m going to touch on the shifting demographics of our talent pool – lawyers and staff. I’ve been researching demographic shifts in the US for a client, and came up with some surprising statistics.  For example: For the next 20 years in [...]

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