Why Business Coaching Doesn’t Just Help You at Work

Business coaching provides a supportive environment in which to admit to and work on challenges and weaknesses that are holding us back at work in some way.   These weaknesses rarely relate to legal knowledge.  More often, they involve practice management concerns such as delegation, financial management, file management, time management, leadership, how to deal with [...]

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Aligning Your Marketing with your Firm

The most powerful marketing is honest, consistent and meaningful to your firm and your target audience.  Because of this, it makes sense to ensure that how we market ourselves reflects our firm’s values, goals and differentiators.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.   Some firms spend time in a retreat or hire a consultant to take [...]

Planning for Business Cycles and Rhythms

Planning - any planning - is better than doing none at all.  For this reason, I encourage lawyers to engage in whatever level of complexity of planning they can muster.  If that means spending a lunch hour talking about business goals with your partners, or writing down a few goals on a napkin, so be [...]

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Is it Ever Really Just Lunch?

If you aren’t preparing for every interaction with a client or prospect, you may be wasting your time and theirs.  Here’s some food for thought on lunches and other planned client interactions.  Lawyers who “do lunch” do so because it seems like part of a healthy marketing strategy.  And it is.  But just showing up [...]

Better-Managing Outside Service Providers

While law firms are generally comprised of intelligent, multi-talented individuals, there will always be the need for law firms to hire some outside service providers.  Yet law firms are not known for being particularly good managers of these providers.  It might be a good New Year’s resolution to improve your ability to manage these services.  [...]