Planning for Business Cycles and Rhythms

Planning - any planning - is better than doing none at all.  For this reason, I encourage lawyers to engage in whatever level of complexity of planning they can muster.  If that means spending a lunch hour talking about business goals with your partners, or writing down a few goals on a napkin, so be [...]

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Is it Ever Really Just Lunch?

If you aren’t preparing for every interaction with a client or prospect, you may be wasting your time and theirs.  Here’s some food for thought on lunches and other planned client interactions.  Lawyers who “do lunch” do so because it seems like part of a healthy marketing strategy.  And it is.  But just showing up [...]

Better-Managing Outside Service Providers

While law firms are generally comprised of intelligent, multi-talented individuals, there will always be the need for law firms to hire some outside service providers.  Yet law firms are not known for being particularly good managers of these providers.  It might be a good New Year’s resolution to improve your ability to manage these services.  [...]

Dealing with Partner “Contrarians”

I’m ending my posts of the year with a difficult subject…individuals within a Partnership who consistently seem to be in opposition with the rest of the Partnership.  It's one of those areas of challenge that Partnerships are very good at ignoring, but ultimately to their peril. That vast majority of Partnerships function quite well.  This [...]

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Do You Need Retirement Coaching?

A growing portion of my coaching business has been to help lawyers and law firm senior support staff to plan for their retirement. Traditionally, we’ve gone to accountants to help us plan for retirement because we’ve primarily been concerned about ensuring that once we stop collecting a regular pay cheque, we have enough money to [...]

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How Old Belief Systems Can Cripple a Career

Precedent figures heavily in most law practices, so it’s understandable that lawyers would rely on past experiences and belief systems in the running of their lives as well.  Life experience can create wisdom.  It can also lead to our greatest weak spots.  In over twenty years of coaching lawyers, my primary goal has been to [...]

How to Have Those Difficult Client Conversations

In every business relationship there will be moments of miscommunication, misunderstanding or good old-fashioned error. In a lawyer/client relationship, these awkward moments can also result from a difference of opinion over objectives, timing, cost or methodology.  These moments are inevitable, but how we deal with them often defines the future of that relationship. As a [...]

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