What’s the Value of a Client Team?

Client teams may be one of the most powerful business development tools at your disposal, but are an oxymoron to most lawyers. As a profession, lawyers aren’t usually known for being team players.  By nature, they are individual thinkers and doers.  They like their autonomy, and tend to feel that too many rules restrict their [...]

How to Form the Admin Dream Team

Lawyers are highly intelligent, capable human beings who can probably reasonably do any task placed in front of them.  That doesn’t mean that they should.  The wise business person focuses on their core competency, and for lawyers, that’s the practice of law. There’s also the belief by some (well, many) that lawyers are typically not [...]

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Is Your Culture Slowly Killing Your Firm?

The purpose of any business is to be profitable, and provide conditions for a satisfying work experience for those who work there. The collective intelligence within a law firm should make these goals a slam dunk; unfortunately, in many ways the culture of the typical law firm works against its financial success. See if any [...]

Helping Under Performing Partners

In most businesses, the senior-most individuals would be considered the most stable in terms of productivity. Their years of experience coupled with their management and marketing skills and reputation would normally add up to sustainable revenue. But this is not necessarily the case in a law practice. Most Partners do not intuitively have marketing skills, [...]

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